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  • Assist arena partner in creating awareness of and motivating ticket sales for an upcoming Harlem Globetrotters event.

  • Expose more people, and potentially a new audience, to Greenville, SC tourism brand messaging.

  • Get more people talking about Greenville, SC.


  • Create "wow"-worthy social media content by highlighting the one-of-a-kind Liberty Bridge in downtown Greenville's one-of-a-kind 32-acre Falls Park on the Reedy with a one-of-a-kind trick basketball shot.

Production Responsibilities

  • Organized and led effort to produce shot directly with the Harlem Globetrotters and Bon Secours Wellness Arena staff during a period of five weeks of planning.

  • Scouted locations for basketball goal placement and area the shot would be taken from.

  • Secured city permit to set up and shoot trick shot for video.

  • Managed video freelance team of two videographers and two assistants.

  • Oversaw the entire video shoot, while being the "gopher" of stray basketball shot attempts that ended up in the Reedy River

Shot Details

  • Chandler "Bulldog" Mack would stand on the Liberty Bridge — a 345-foot single-suspension pedestrian bridge high above the Reedy River Falls — and attempt to make a shot to an overview below, where the basketball goal was placed.

  • The first shot attempt was made after 12:30 p.m. and at least 50 attempts were made during the course of two hours before the shot was successful.

  • The trick shot length is estimated at around 40 feet. For context, a standard full basketball court is 50 feet long.

  • More than 100 park-goers became spectators during our video shoot, providing a unique, unexpected thrill to visitors that day.

Video Results


Perhaps my most valuable contribution to the video production

Instagram Story to promote video

  • The video was edited and ready for publishing overnight. The final product was provided to our partners with the Harlem Globetrotters and Bon Secours Wellness Arena for posting to their social media platforms.

  • In total, social media postings of the trick shot:

    • Reached more than 1 million people

    • Was viewed more than 600,000 times

    • Garnered more than 20,000 engagements

    • Earned local media coverage from newspapers and TV stations

  • The only cost to VisitGreenvilleSC was for the freelance video crew and the purchase of one fishing net for retrieving basketballs from the river.

  • The trick shot video earned silvers in both social media and video categories in the 2019 HSMAI Adrian Awards.

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