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All reviews are taken from my LinkedIn profile.

Daniela Burleyson, Intern

“(Jay) is an exceptional leader and extremely passionate about his work. I still carry everything I learned during my time working with him to this day.”

James Hicks, Colleague

Jay and I changed much about how the NFL does digital today and I'm very proud to have worked with such an extremely talented and open-minded expert in his craft.

Daniel Shirley, Manager

“I have hired Jay, twice in fact, and he has been terrific both times. He is a hard-worker  who really stays focused on the task and does a wonderful job with whatever he is working on.”

Laura Connell, Colleague

“Jay displayed drive, enthusiasm and passion for his work, a keen ability to keep ahead of the curve in his field, creativity, a collaborative attitude and compassion. ... Jay is someone you want on your team.”

Emily Adams, Intern

Jay was a true mentor and leader... the kind I hope to emulate in the future. Any organization would be lucky to have Jay.

David Hale, Colleague

“Jay is an exceptional storyteller. He does the work, gets to know his subjects and writes about them with nuance and complexity that sets his work apart.”

Morgan Alverson, Direct Report

“I reported directly to Jay during my time with the Atlanta Falcons and can't say enough about what he taught me during my time there. ... His creative mind would be an asset to anyone!”

Michele Rochford, Intern

Jay is a remarkable leader, and is someone who I've always looked up to as a professional. He is extremely knowledgable on creating fun/organic social and digital content that people can enjoy.

Sara Roston, Direct Report

“Jay has been an incredible influence in my life, encouraging me to pursue my own career goals. ... Jay is an unstoppable presence and is someone who is both an influencer and team player.”

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