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A-to-Z Tours

During 2020, I created and executed a cross-platform content campaign, centered around social media, that used the alphabet as a tour guide around Greenville, SC's culinary scene and hidden attractions. The social media captions were mini-feature stories, which I used to create webpages that would lengthen the life of the campaign content. 




Free From Fear: Proof of Hope

Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman grew up in one of Miami's poorest, most dangerous neighborhoods, where the only way out is usually through nefarious, often deadly, means. Freeman opened up to me about his upbringing in Miami's Pork-and-Beans section and explained how it fuels his desire to give back to the community. READ


Q&A with QB Matt Ryan

Fridays during the season were a great day for more lighthearted content. Our Behind The Facemask series was a longstanding piece on, but it needed a more comical, conversational approach. This Q&A with QB Matt Ryan is an example of the rapport I'm able to build with my interview subjects and co-workers. READ


LB's Sacrifice Saves Stranger

I wrote this article for a blog microsite we used while I was with the Falcons that no longer exists. Luckily, the Atlanta Falcons message board members thought so much of the story that they preserved it by copying and pasting it into a thread that still exists. LB Paul Worrilow signed up for Be The Match, a project that helps those in need find bone marrow donors. When he came back as a match for someone he never met, Worrilow jumped at the chance to make a huge sacrifice to save someone's life. READ

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