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VisitGreenvilleSC A-to-Z Social Media Campaign


As the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic created more and more uncertainties, how do we position Greenville, SC as a destination to visit in the future when it was safe to do so while helping our local businesses in the present?


Creating aspirational visitation among potential tourists and raising awareness of businesses and offerings among locals on social media would require a high volume of posts. To package our efforts in an engaging way, I created a campaign concept that would use the alphabet as a tour guide. The campaign consisted of two series that ran concurrently — one focused on our booming culinary scene and the other highlighting little-known or hidden-gem attractions.

The subject matter of both series would appeal to future visitors and current locals alike. Locals and tourists alike were interested in our culinary scene as Greenville had established itself as a foodie destination in recent years. Similarly, by focusing on attractions that don't often get spotlighted, the series would certainly inform visitors of all there is to do in Greenville, but it had the potential of educating locals on places they may not know about.


View the full performance report I created, complete with data analysis, learnings and recommendations. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • For each series in the campaign, use every letter of the alphabet to highlight subject matter that was interesting and had the potential to influence future travel or current business support.


  • With 26 food posts and 26 hidden gems posts, the campaign would be made up of 52 total Instagram posts.

  • In my usual reading of social media trends and topics, I came across an article that showed how longer Instagram captions can foster greater engagement figures. I applied this learning to the series, writing 52 individual mini-feature stories utilizing Instagram's 2,200 character limit for captions.

  • To further underscore the alphabetical theme, each mini-feature was playfully written applying ample amounts of appealing alliteration.


In my efforts to continuously increase content ROI, I knew the mini-features I was writing for Instagram captions would double perfectly as web content, so we created a landing page for each series. Both are still live and linked below.

Please note that VisitGreenvilleSC has updated a small portion of these lists as businesses have left or attractions have changed, but a great majority are still my original writing. Even after a handful of years, this campaign is still earning views and providing a valuable resource. 

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