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VisitGreenvilleSC Instagram Stories Evolution


Midway through 2020, I knew we had to take a stronger approach to Instagram Stories because we were leaving metrics on the table with our existing strategy of sharing posts and Stories VisitGreenvilleSC was tagged in. 


We needed a plan. In my experience programming content, recurring weekly series ensure you'll have a content direction on particular days of the week. Marrying our business and marketing objectives with my knowledge of our highest performing content, I created a strategy of implementing polished, graphic-heavy Instagram Stories that took advantage of Instagram's many interactive features to spark engagement.


In its first 10 months, my Instagram Stories strategy added the following figures to our goals-supporting metrics:

  • Impressions: +2.6 million

  • Reach: +2.1 million

  • Engagements: +61,000

  • Engagement Rate: 2.35% (1+ percentage point higher than previous strategy)

Strategy Development

Goal: Increase output of metrics that support business goals of increasing awareness, consideration and visitation.


  • Track reach, impressions, total engagements and link clicks to gauge performance toward supporting goals.

  • Develop weekly and monthly recurring series to ensure fresh content is added 5-7 days per week.

  • Satisfy and support our six established content pillars: Attractions, Food, Outdoors, Events, Earned Media and Hotels.

  • Use multiple Stories slides per one idea to maximize impressions.

  • Layer content programming into the social media calendar.

  • Ideate and plan content at least one month out.

  • Create and design eye-catching experiences with branded graphics.

  • Maximize engagement by implementing and creating for the interactive features available for Stories.

Series & Ideas Examples

Below are just a few of the series I created, designed, researched, compiled and executed as part of my Instagram Stories strategy.

Five Fast Facts

Concept: Highlight five interesting facts about an attraction, site or business each week.

Interactive Elements: Option to vote on next week's topic.

Pics of the Week/Month

Concept: Repurpose most-liked photos of the week and month.

Interactive Elements: Slider poll.

Culinary Creations

Concept: Spotlight an array of food photos posted to Instagram from our member businesses each month.

Interactive Elements: Slider poll with voting levels baked into the template graphic.

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